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  • Top 5 items that hires forget returning rentals

    Have you rented a car before? Did you left something behind in the rental car to be forgotten? You are not the only one! Here are the top 5 items t...
  • Should you rent a Petrol or Hybrid Car?

    You are about to rent a car, but you cannot decide whether to rent a petrol or a hybrid car. You are unsure of the Pros and Cons of both type. Well...
  • Top 5 points to note when you renting a car in Singapore.

    Renting a car in Singapore soon? Unsure of what to look out for? Find out how you can smoothly and safely rent a car here!
  • Things you need to know about the changes to Gojek's Incentives

    Taking effect from the 21st of October 2019, Gojek has changed their incentive and how to obtain them. Does this huge amount of information from Gojek confuse you? But do not worry, as we are here to analysis and breakdown how it will effect you as a Gojek driver!
  • Top 5 places to take a break for PHV drivers

    Imagine you have just passed the peak hours and wanted to take a break. You just desire a meal, or maybe just a place where you can take a nap to recharge. So here are the Top 5 places we recommend for you to go for a deserving break from driving!

  • Top 5 Benefits of renting a car. (Compared to buying one).

    Have you ever been torn between buying a car or renting one for use? Well, here are 5 benefits of renting a car over buying one yourself!

  • Grab Fleet Partner benefit changes as of 10 October 2019

    You may not have heard that the incentive for Grab rentals and fleet partner has changed. Or you may have heard of it, but you are unsure what the details are. However, worry not as I am here to breakdown and share with you the changes!
  • Where to go for a weekend family getaway in Singapore with a car! (October 2019 Edition)

    Your kid is studying very hard for their exam, and you want to give them a well-deserved break while spending some quality time together. However you are not sure where? We have some ideas to help you with that.
  • Grab delays roll-out of S$4 cancellation fee till March 25

    Published10 MARCH, 2019 UPDATED 10 MARCH, 2019 SINGAPORE — A day before it was due to roll out a new policy for ride...
  • How to make more money as a Grab and Go-Jek Driver

    Observe Singapore traffic laws please. Getting fined means less money in your pocket. Why pay hard-earned money away. Please do not get summons fo...

    You have complete flexibility on your timing. You do not need to drive a minimum number of kilometers a day unlike taxis You can drive and still k...
  • Why Uber drivers in Singapore overwhelmingly rent cars

    McQueen Rentals, a car rental company in Singapore explains why most Uber drivers in Singapore rent rather than own cars.Virtually all Uber drivers...