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Where to go for a weekend family getaway in Singapore with a car! (October 2019 Edition)

Your kid is studying very hard for their exam, and you want to reward them with a well-deserved break, but you do not know where to bring them? We have some ideas to help you with that!

It’s the month of October, right in the middle of exam season for most Primary and Secondary school students. They have been studying so hard for their exams, so why not plan a quick weekend family getaway to let the kids relax and recharge!

Not sure where to go? Do not worry as we have done the research so you do not have to!


  1. Singapore Zoo/ Jurong Bird Park.

The Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park is relatively accessible through public transport, however driving in is way faster and less hassle. 

What is more in the month of October 2019. Both parks are having a promotion where kids (3 - 12 Years old) can enter for free with each paying adult. (Only available to locals and not available during public holiday)

So load up your car with portable fans and mosquito repellent, and venture through both parks easily in the same day!

Source: https://www.wrs.com.sg/en/whats-on/deadliest-monster.html

       2. Sentosa

Sentosa, an island of fun south of our island home but what is so special about it during the month of October?

The Sentosa Merlion will be closed on 21st October 2019, so before it closes why not head on down to make some memories? (Especially if you are a local as your ticket will be at half price.)

Source: https://www.onefabergroup.com/sentosa-merlion

After you finish exploring the Merlion, you could head on down to the October exclusive event Halloween Horror Night at Resort World Sentosa.

Source: https://www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/

Done with making all those beautiful memories? Just drive on out without having to queue up for public transport and taxi!


       3. Chalets

Home away from home. Staying in a place away from the hustle and bustle of city life, enjoying the peace and quiet of chalets. However I bet you might be thinking something along the lines of “but in a chalet we stay in it and do not really need a car now do we?”

Well my readers, just imagine this for a moment… You need to bring your essentials, game consoles, and change of clothes imagine having to bring all this on public transport or attempt to squeeze it all in someone else’s car, or walking a long distance in the hot scorching sun just to grab a bite or drink.

Lets not forget that most chalets are perfect for a late night drive around as they are mostly located in areas with little to no traffic at night!


      4. Malaysia

If you find Singapore too small, you can always drive you and your family to our neighbor Malaysia. There is no shortage of shopping malls in Johor Bahru (JB), and with the current currency exchange rate, going shopping in JB is relatively cheaper.

We also found out that on certain dates in October at the R&F Mall in JB there is a bubble tea challenge, where you stand a chance to win a 1 year supply of bubble tea. Check out their link!

Source : https://rnfmalljb.com/happening/74


With all these choices, why not start planning a road trip and bring your family out this October? 

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