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Things you need to know about the changes to Gojek's Incentives

Taking effect from the 21st of October 2019, Gojek has changed their incentive and how to obtain them. Does this huge amount of information from Gojek confuse you? But do not worry, as we are here to analysis and breakdown how it will effect you as a Gojek driver!

There are 4 changes that are being made to GoJek's incentive, namely the following;

  1. Updated points system
  2. Updated Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs) 
  3. Updated GoFleet incentives 
  4. Updated GoalBetter qualifications

Gojek incentive summary

Source: Gojek webpage


1. Updated Point System

Gojek new point system

Source: Gojek webpage

With the new point system of Gojek, there is a few points that stands out;

  1. Peak out starts 1 hour earlier now (at 6am), and more points are earn during peak hours.
  2. Weekends will always be in "peak hour rate", and they have slightly higher points then previously.
  3. Trips longer then 15 KM or is from Changi Airport will extra points.

To summaries the changes, drivers who drive in the city area, during the peak hour, taking longer and harder trip, will be rewarded with more points then previously. Making obtaining point slightly easier then previously.

Then I am sure you are wondering, "What do Gojek mean by "City Center?". The answer to that question is here; (The highlighted area is the City Center.)

Gojek's City Center

Link to map: Here


Now what can this points do for you? Well first off there is the Daily point payouts!

Gojek's Daily point payout

So Gojek advertise that you can earn an additional $200 a day if you hit 100 points a day. So we did some calculation on how many rides and hours you have to spend in a day to earn that incentive in the best case scenario.

We will be making an assumption that all your rides

  1. Will be in the City Center
  2. You will make full use of the "Peak Hours"
  3. Every ride will take and average of 25 minutes.
  4. You will receive another call immediately after your previous one ends

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday):

Morning Peak hours (4 hours): 9 Rides = 54 points

Afternoon peak hours (3 hours): 7 rides = 28 points

Total Peak hours points = 82 points

So to earn your remain 18 points, you will need to take 9 additional rides outside peak hours.

Thus to hit 100 points on a weekday you will need (minimum);

  • 10.75 Hours
  • 25 Rides

Weekdays (Friday)

Morning Peak hours (4 hours): 9 Rides = 54 points

Afternoon peak hours (4.2 hours): 10 rides = 45 points

Total Peak hours points = 101 points

Thus to hit 100 points on a Friday you will need (minimum);

  • 8.2 Hours
  • 19 Rides


During Peak hours (10.5 hours) : 25 rides = 100 points


Even with the best case scenario it will take 8 to 10 hours everyday to hit the top tier incentive, so if we include waits for bookings, longer rides, traffic jams and other condition, It become nearly impossible to hit the highest and even the second highest tier rewards consistently everyday.

Unless your stars aligns and you are lucky if not you will have drive for nearly half a day. Thus we will recommend just aiming for the tier 3 rewards which is a slightly more realistic daily goal and it will be less taxing on your health.

On the bright side, this particular incentive you earn will not be subjected to the 20% Service charge for Gojek so if you earn it you can bring the full sum home.


2. Updated Minimum Weekly Earnings (MWEs) 

Gojek has raised their criteria for drivers to qualify for the MWEs, now drivers will have to achieve a minimum weekly performance average of 90% (previously 80%).to qualify.

However if you qualify for it the following is the payout;

Gojek MWEs updated

Source: Gojek Webpage

This particular incentive will benefits drivers who keep getting low value rides and is earning very little from the rides. Ensuring that you will earn enough.

The amount you can get from this is after MWE - Trip after service charge - Incentives.

So we did some math, What is the maximum extra cash you can earn from this. With the criteria being; 

  1. Least amount of rides that you have to take in a week to qualify for this incentive. (meaning all you only take rides during weekday morning peak hours - 6 points each trip.)
  2. Each ride is the average booking sum of "$8"
  3. You earn no extra incentives.

250 points for $850

250 points = 42 Trips (8-9 trips a day during morning peak)

Money earn from trip = 42 x 8 = $336

So you will get an extra of $581.20 (850 - (336 -20%))

350 points for $1250

350 points = 59 Trips (12 trips a day during morning peak)

Money earn from trip = 59 x 8 = $472

So you will get an extra of $872.40 (1250 - (472-20%))

500 points for $1850

500 points = 84 Trips (16-17 trips a day during morning peak)

Money earn from trip = 84 x 8 = $672

So you will get an extra of $1312.40 ($1850- (672 -20%)).


This is a very good system to fall back on, however please do note the above estimates are the "best case scenario" and is usually you will not hit it as there will be other incentive and you may have to take more rides off peak hours to actually hit the numbers.

However, this means that as long as you take enough rides Gojek will try to help you make up for the lost as much as they can. but it is best not to rely on this to earn in case they change it in the future.

3. Updated GoFleet incentives

Gofleet incentive

Source : Gojek Webpage

So if you rent from Gofleet's partners you will be able to qualify for this on top of all your other incetive.

This incentives gives you extra cash base on your fares and weekly trips count, so basically the more GoJek rides you complete the more incentives you will get.

So the best incentive is 10% of your total fare. but you need to complete 160 trips a week which means a min of 22-23 trips a day,  which means non stop driving for about 10 hours a day (provided you get 1 trip after another).

This incentive is good apart from the fact that Gojek can just remove the additional incentive with at most 1 week notice, and currently the GoJek user base is not that much.

You should be able to hit 6.5% relatively easily compare to the 10% as you only need to take 18 rides a day, which is about 7.5 to 8 hours a day.


4.Updated GoalBetter qualifications

Gobetter qualification

And last but not least Gojek's GoalBetter qualification has been changed for this quarter and the above is how you can qualify for the next quarter.

The GoalBetter benefit has not change and only a selected few drivers are invited to join this program. If you are invited to enjoy this benefit you will be notified by Gojek.

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Overall Conclusion

Overall Gojek's new top rewards looks very attractive, however to achieve them you might have to work 7 days a week and 9-10 hours each day. Which is achievable in the short term however not sustainable in the long term.

So if you are looking for short term profit, we will recommend for you to aim for the top reward and plan your time strategically. However if you are going to be driving for long term we would suggest you aim for a slightly lower tier reward to make sure you won't burn out and have time for other things in your life.




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