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How to make more money as a Grab and Go-Jek Driver

  1. Observe Singapore traffic laws please. Getting fined means less money in your pocket. Why pay hard-earned money away. Please do not get summons for no reason. 24 points goes very fast.
  2. Be very aware of incentives. Decide weekly whether you are going for incentives. Decide whether GoJek's or Grab's incentives is better for each week. If you decide to drive for incentives, take full advantage of it
  3. Be promiscuous. Don't just do only Go-Jek. Do Grab. There are also some Chinese ride-sharing apps that work in Singapore (sorry you have to read Mandarin for this)
  4. Be courteous and professional. You might even get a tip! (and more likely from foreigners)
  5. Always try to convert customers to regulars. This is more applicable for Uber executive and Grab premium cars but never say never.
  6. Look out for jobs or people who can "call" for jobs. Jobs fill downtime. They are very good in non peak periods.
  7. Create a network of other Go-Jek and Grab drivers. Very applicable for (6) above. Other drivers may give you gossip, tips, look out for you.
  8. Choose a good rental company. Read the fine print and don't overpay. Unless you are very sure you Only want to driver for Uber or drive for Grab, choose a rental contract that allows you to do both.
  9. Even better still, be your own sole proprietor. Save up and buy your own car.
  10. Work Hard. You are your own boss.


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