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Top 5 items that hires forget returning rentals

Have you rented a car before? Did you left something behind in the rental car to be forgotten? You are not the only one! Here are the top 5 items that Hirers forget to bring back with them.


1 Car Seat Cushion.

Car Seat Cushion

Your car seat cushion, it has accompanied you through long driving days keeping your bottom comfortable. But when you are returning your car, you have forgotten about it, only to remember your cushion the next time you drive.


2. Cash Card

cash card

ERP and Car parks, all paid using your cash card. You usually just leave it in there and forget about it, unless there is not enough funds. Hires tend to forget about the cash card only to come back much later to claim it back.

3. Car phone holder

car phone holder

GPS, something we all use nowadays, gone were the days where we memorized road. The phone holder holds your phone so that you can see the GPS throughout your journey, but since it looks like it is part of the car, it is easy to forget about it.


4. Seat belt Cushion

Seatbelt cushion

Keeping your shoulder comfortable on long ride, yet another companion on your long trips. Same reason as above, as it looks like it's part of the car, it is usually forgotten. It will eventually become the companion of the next hire.


5. Car seat hook

Car Seat hook

You can hook this, you can hook that. The hooks that help you carry groceries and bags that you buy or bring along on your journeys. Since it is cheap, small, and usually out of sight, it is usually the most forgotten item.

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So next time you return a car, don't forget to check if you are leaving any of this behind!


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