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Should you rent a Petrol or Hybrid Car?

You are about to rent a car, but you cannot decide whether to rent a petrol or a hybrid car. You are unsure of the Pros and Cons of both type. Well, worry no more as we are here to help you decide!

Starting things off here is a Flowchart, answer the questions and you will have a quick answer on which one you should rent!

 If you are still unsure or want more information to help you decide which type of car to rent. Here is the Pros and Cons of each type.

Hybrid Cars


  • It has increased fuel efficiency, thus lower petrol cost
  • Cleaner energy
  • Regenerative braking system, every time you brake you charge your battery.


  • Higher rental cost, not worth it unless you drive a lot.
  • Less power
  • Poorer Handling


Petrol Cars


  • Cheaper rental
  • More power
  • Better Handling


  • Fuel consumption will be higher and more costly over the long run.
  • Rely solely on petrol

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