10 ways to make money as an Uber Rentals and Grab Rentals driver in Singapore

1.) Observe Singapore traffic laws please. Getting fined means less money in your pocket. Why pay hard-earned money away. Please do not get summons for no reason. 24 points goes very fast.

2.) Be very aware of incentives. Decide weekly whether you are going for incentives. Decide whether Uber’s or Grab’s incentives is better for each week. If you decide to drive for incentives, take full advantage of it


Chasing Surge Pricing: a review of “Peeking The Hood of Uber”

Three academics from Northeastern University wrote an article where they tried to reverse engineer Uber’s surge pricing in San Francisco and Manhattan. They studied Uber’s surge price algorithm and the fairness of the pricing. Generally they found the pricing was fair, except for some “jitters” or consistency of pricing which they brought up to Uber and Uber addressed. Read more about Chasing Surge Pricing: a review of “Peeking The Hood of Uber”[…]