March 15, 2016


Medic Ambulance has trained paramedics and has properly equipped ambulances to cater to more serious medical conditions. McQueen Rentals offers more luxurious travel conditions with a limo service. The close integration between the two transport companies thus provides a very high level of customer service for the patient’s needs. Foreign patients who require more attention will find this combined offering very attractive.

This is particularly suitable for scheduled non-urgent trips for transport of patients without an urgent acute condition. Depending on the situation, the same patient can be transported via a non-urgent ambulance or a limo car. Both types of vehicles can be even on standby to best serve the patient.

Whether it is an airport transfer or repeated consultations at a hospital, the combination of McQueen Rentals and Medic Ambulance ensures a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Please contact us on 6258 5525 for a quote.


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